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Claudia Hart's "Welcome To The Doll's House"

Inspired by visionary architects of the 18th century, New York based media artist Claudia Hart presented an online virtual social space as non-specific and imaginary. For her piece "Welcome to the Doll's House," she created an improvisation showcasing New York composer Matthew Gantt. Who plays virtually through a 3D avatar within Hart's world and presented through Mozilla Hub. In this virtual event Gantt's composition and binaural sonic performance harmonized with a pre-recorded sound score created by Kurt Hentschlager. The event was produced by Hyphen Hub and preformed at RealMix2020, and Maker Faire Rome during the end of November and early December 2020. The invited audience, chose a personal avatar to enter the space, then participated in a salon style conversation right after the performance where each guest interacted with each other in the form of a physical meeting. This event forms the beginning of an ongoing exploration of Modzilla Hub by Hyphenhub along with interdisciplinary creators.

There is much more to come.


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