Maurizio Bortolotti new curator for the 6th LAM 360º in Mongolia

Maurizio Bortolotti member of the Hyphen Hub Community to be curating the 6th Biennial Land Art Mongolia (LAM) in 2020. Bortolotti will act as the chief curator within the local and global networking team. Title and details of the upcoming Biennial to be announced by January 2019. Bortolotti was Director of Research and Public Program of Shanghai Project at Shanghai Himalayas Museum in Shanghai (2015-2016) and curator of the Zuecca Project Space International Program in Venice (2011–2014). He curated exhibitions in many countries, focusing on the interaction between art and social processes on the background of globalization, investigating especially the interdisciplinary connection bet

XVIII International Festival of the Image Digital Humanism

Since 1997, the Department of Visual Design in Manizales, Colombia, makes the International Image Festival, a gathering of digital culture in its 17 editions has established an international network of institutions, researchers and artists every year to exchange experiences and knowledge , so it has positioned itself as an event of international significance and academic reference in design, art, science and technology. We are happy to announce that Hyphen Hub/Asher Remy-Toledo has been invited for third year in a row, to take part in the festival as part of the curatorial team. During 2019, The Digital Humanism refers to the processes of human interaction with the technologies that enable n

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