Jakob Kudsk Steensen in Time Square's Midnight Moment

Inspired by the 1939 The New York Times article “The World of Tomorrow as it appeared under the Snow of Yesterday” and its black-and-white photographs of the snow-covered exhibits from the 1939 New York World’s Fair, Terratic Animism takes Times Square’s visitors on a digitally simulated journey through a futuristic wintry forest. Jakob Steensen mixes realities, combining virtual recreations of a forest with screens showing recorded footage of Steensen’s performative explorations through derelict energy structures. The result blurs the boundaries of space and time, envisioning a future dystopian view of objects created to imagine a utopian future, displaying screens within screens, and putti

Erwin Redl at Madison Square Park

Whiteout, a newly commissioned public art project by artist Erwin Redl (Austrian, b. 1963, lives and works in Ohio and New York City) is comprised of hundreds of transparent white spheres, each embedded with a discrete, white LED light and suspended from a square grid of steel poles and cabling. The orbs are opportunistic, gently swaying with the wind currents from their positions of one foot above the ground plane. The white LEDs are animated in large-scale patterns superimposing a virtual movement on top of the kinetic movement of the spheres. The sequence of light is an incandescent treatment of urban public space across the dark seasons of the late fall and winter. The use of white in mo

MSHR Spittle of the Moon : Live at MoMA Ps1

Organized with Caitlin Baucom—founder of Brooklyn-based performance series TREVORSHAUS—Spittle of the Moonembraces communities founded on the basis of collaboration. Situating recent partnerships and established collectives alongside solo artists, the program brings together movement and sound-based practices in an immersive and sensorial concert. The afternoon features original work from Hyphen Hub member artist MSHR, electronic R&B duo Dey, and a new project from choreographer and musician Sigrid Lauren and Emil Bognar Nasdor. These performances are presented alongside solo pieces from Baucom; writer and media theorist DeForrest Brown Jr. in collaboration with The Actual School; composer a

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