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MSHR Spittle of the Moon : Live at MoMA Ps1

Organized with Caitlin Baucom—founder of Brooklyn-based performance series TREVORSHAUS—Spittle of the Moonembraces communities founded on the basis of collaboration. Situating recent partnerships and established collectives alongside solo artists, the program brings together movement and sound-based practices in an immersive and sensorial concert.

The afternoon features original work from Hyphen Hub member artist MSHR, electronic R&B duo Dey, and a new project from choreographer and musician Sigrid Lauren and Emil Bognar Nasdor. These performances are presented alongside solo pieces from Baucom; writer and media theorist DeForrest Brown Jr. in collaboration with The Actual School; composer and perfumier Ziemba; and an only child, the solo project from choreographer and musician Quenton Stuckey. The program highlights a selection of artists whose practices have been formed by and nurtured in New York’s alternative and artist-run spaces. Together, they seek to create a sustainable future for their work and its audiences that is not reliant upon mainstream culture.

Tickets: $15 (MoMA Members $13)

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