Creative Tech Week returns this year

From VR, 3D printing and hackathons to fashion tech, data visualization, digital art, interactive installations and STEAM, Creative Technology is front and center in innovation success stories across the corporate and non-profit landscape. Creative Tech Week, held from May 12 to 21, 2017 in New York City, is a crowdsourced festival created to showcase the cutting-edge research, art, media, and community initiatives being generated in the field of creative technology. Creative Tech Week

Kurt Henshclager at The Power Station of Art Shanghai

Body Media II will first incorporate PSA’s industrial space as a cold body and a segment of modernity. This cold body will use hot language and hot narration to guide visitors around internally like the circulation of blood, to test if space, artworks, and visitors can achieve uniformity in terms of languages and actions. ZEE proposes a state of “Tabula Rasa” (Latin for blank slate), where one’s perceptual framework is first reset and then recalibrated. The audience will enter a space filled with extremely dense fog. Stroboscopic and pulse light filters through the fog in a soft and evenly dispersed manner, creating kinetic structures in constant flux. The audience can freely roam the ZEE sp

Janet Biggs opening in NY April 27 - 2017

"Afar," the most recent work of acclaimed Brooklyn-based video artist, Janet Biggs. Created with the support of the museum, "Afar" depicts Biggs' travels in the Afar Triangle, a geologically unstable but visually arresting desert region at the intersection of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti, in Africa. This volatile environment of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and intense heat serves as a metaphor for the ongoing political instability of a region in which salt traders, nomadic people and militia vie for scarce natural resources. Known for her multichannel video installations involving remote, extreme environments and the people who dwell there, Biggs often explores the concept of endurance

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