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Kurt Henshclager at The Power Station of Art Shanghai

Body Media II will first incorporate PSA’s industrial space as a cold body and a segment of modernity. This cold body will use hot language and hot narration to guide visitors around internally like the circulation of blood, to test if space, artworks, and visitors can achieve uniformity in terms of languages and actions.

ZEE proposes a state of “Tabula Rasa” (Latin for blank slate), where one’s perceptual framework is first reset and then recalibrated. The audience will enter a space filled with extremely dense fog. Stroboscopic and pulse light filters through the fog in a soft and evenly dispersed manner, creating kinetic structures in constant flux. The audience can freely roam the ZEE space. The nature of the work instills an almost automatic process of slow motion. Suspended flexible ropes mark the available space and lead into and out of ZEE.

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