Sensoria ArtBo featuring Jakob Steensen and Patrica Dominguez.

As part of the 2020 ArtBo edition, the Bogotá art fair created an online version of a large number of exhibitions due to the corona virus. In addition performances, academic discussions and interviews with artists, galleries and art organizations were also converted to digital spaces. Hyphen Hub was invited to take part in this edition by inviting artists from our global artist community to present their work. Watch the full discussion here Beyond the notion of a state of crisis, we are facing a profound change in our relationship with the planet. Once again, the instability of the current landscape has forced us to rethink how we can communicate between culture and nature. When speaking ab

Where Neurotechnology meets Fashion-Tech.

Dutch Fashion-Tech Designer Anouk Wipprecht, the Institute for Integrated Circuits at JKU/Johannes Kepler University Linz and Austrian neurotechnology company g.tec medical engineering GmbH announced PANGOLIN SCALES BCI+Dress. The new project combines EEG and brain signals with fashion and art in unique and innovative ways. In this new EEG meets Fashion-Tech collaboration, 1024 channels (over 64 PCB’s on the head) from a newly developed Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) are connected to a 3D printed Robotic Dress with 64 outputs. The dress mechanisms function like animatronic elements, moving and lighting up according to the brain wave signals. In other words, the dress becomes a real-time data

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