Kurt Hentschlager: SUB Live

June-September 2019 ABOUT SUB: This project is an immersive environment envisioned by Austrian-born, New York-based, Kurt Hentschläger. In its premier at Mana Contemporary, SUB uses dramatic perceptual shifts to invoke direct audience engagement. The installation’s gestalt approach gives an elevated sense of drama, bringing visitors into its expansive void. SUB’s complete dark environment is punctuated by bursts of animated light, which leave ghostly retinal impressions that linger as the light fades. Sound provides both an accompaniment to these moments of light, and a constant backdrop to the setting. SUB has no beginning or end. Visitors may enter at any time and stay as long as they desi

Hyphen Hub community members Atractor wins Mana 2019 Present/Future Star Award in China

2019 “Present Future” Art & Technology Star Award The award encourage future stars to create an art combined with technology Gather the global creative talents from the disciplines such as technology and art Establish a sophisticated platform for communication about art and technology, education and practice, creation and cross-border industries Atractor won the game of the year award with the project "The Migrants" co produced by Hyphen Hub.

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