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Augmentation and Amplification

  • Janet Biggs a member of Hyphen Hub’s artist community will be featured at Fridman Gallery as part of SOLO series on Thursday July 30th @ 8pm. Please visit the gallery site to purchase tickets.

  • As a segue to “How the Light Gets In “ a performance produced by Hyphen Hub at the New Museum theatre a year ago. trans-disciplinary artist Janet Biggs will be presenting the result of an outstanding collaboration between A.I composer and music technologist Richard Savery who developed the A.I. Anne entity and Vocalist/dancer Mary Esther Carter who will sing an improvised duet with “A.I. Anne.” Trained on Mary’s voice, A.I. Anne is named and patterned after Janet Biggs’ aunt, who was severely autistic and nonverbal due to apraxia. Biggs’ aunt could hum, but was not able to speak. A.I. Anne has the ability to vocalize, but not create language. In this new work, A.I. Anne will expand agency and initiative, using deep learning combined with semantic knowledge to generate emotions and respond to emotions. Mary Esther Carter will be alone in the space. The autonomous A.I. entity and all other technology, including multiple microphones and cameras will be run and mixed remotely, allowing the performance to operate in accordance with NYC’s shelter-in-place guidelines. For further information about the event where this first collaboration took place please visit Hyphen Hub’s site to see Janet Biggs full interview.

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