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Janet Biggs a member of the Hyphen Hub Artist Community exhibiting at the Museum of Science and the

The Museum of Science and the Cosmos welcomes from today [Monday 19], and until next Saturday 24, the visit of the American artist Janet Biggs, who is on the Island to carry out the multidisciplinary project 'Mars mission, a trip to Mars from Tenerife ', for which he intends to recreate an expedition to the red planet. It will also be transferred to the facilities of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) in La Laguna and the Teide Observatory; and its journey will also have an educational reach through a blog accessible by schoolchildren, university students and professionals from the arts and sciences, where it will include still photographs, drawings, and a journal about the experience.

Janet Biggs brings to the islands, from the hand of the Tenerife artist Yapci Ramos, and with the collaboration of the IAC and Teleférico del Teide, this project, which will visit the Teide National Park; besides knowing the scientific-technical personnel of the IAC and their usual place of work, as well as the telescopic installations and the research projects they carry out with the aim of obtaining images that complete their project. Likewise, it will film the spaces of the Teide National Park where simulations of Mars have been made.

With this visit, Janet Biggs continues her research on life on Mars, having spent two weeks of artistic residency at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah (USA), a station that simulates what life on Mars would be like and where he filmed the experiences of the members of the station, their social interactions and the scientific research that takes place in this space.

The images taken in both places will result in a large-scale scientific and artistic exhibition, multichannel video installations that explore the idea of ​​the origin and ultimate destination of the Universe, the possibility of traveling through time, and the existence of black holes, as well as human aspects such as physical and psychological demands, amazement and inspiration. The presentation of the project, whose exhibition will take place throughout 2018, will be at the Museum of Nature and Man, in Santa Cruz.

It should be noted that the artist is known mainly for its installations in video, photography and performances, which often include images of individuals in landscapes or extreme situations. He has captured unique moments such as those of motorcycles in Bonneville salinas (US), synchronized Olympic swimmers in the Arctic waters, sulfur miners inside an active volcano or camel caravans crossing the Taklamakan desert (China).

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