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MSHR touring US and Europe in 2017

Those who attended Hyphen Hub past events will no doubt remember the other-worldly performance of the art collective, formed by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. Working at the intersection of analog circuitry, digital sculpture, and ceremonial performance, builds and explores systems to reveal pathways “toward ecstatic sensory experience”. If you would like to bring them to other locations in Europe during their May/ June trip, please get in touch with us.

U.S. Tour: Washington State University, Pullman; Interstitial, Seatle; Momapsi, New York; Rubin Museum, New York; Converge45, Portland; Museum of Art and Design, New York.

European Tour: Sonic Arts Fest, Amsterdam; Delta Wave Fest, Antwerp; Documenta, Athens.

For more information click here

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