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Visions of the Future

Date: October 23, 2015

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: La MaMa, Downstairs | 66 East 4th Street

This Hyphen Hub event is in collaboration with CultureHub

Visions of the Future


Date: October 23, 2015 

Time: 8:00 pm 

Location: La Mama, Downstairs I 66 E. 4th Street, New York, NY 10003 

This Hyphen Hub event was in collaboration with CultureHub. 

Visions of the Future was a showcase night of cutting-edge multimedia art and performance focusing on new forms of audio-visual interpretation about visions of the future. The night featured eight leading artists presenting works of immersive audience experience. It was presented in partnership with CultureHub at their new space in La MaMa.


Artists involved included:


Catalonian Cyborg pioneers Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas: Harbisson performed a Concert from Space via his antenna that is embedded into his skull. Ribas showcased her piece Waiting for Earthquakes, where she connected her sensors to the seismology satellite in space and danced as earthquakes happened at any given moment. The two artists performed simultaneously.


MSHR duo and Portland-based artists Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper produced unusual installations and live performances that revolved around a unique system of light-audio feedback, employing handmade synthesizers, sculptural interfaces, and ritualistic performances. Their work placed the human body into a dynamic relationship with sound and light as they explored the hyperscapes of a transhumanist ceremony.

Juan Cortes and Ricardo Arias, both artists visiting from Bogota, Colombia for MOMA’s hybrid media exhibition, presented their latest performance collaborating as “The Migrants”. Tidal Flares is a performance-installation that draws its inspiration from the dramatic effect of solar flares on the Earth’s behaviors, in both its organic and its inorganic systems. The performers interfered/interacted with this activity via sensors in ways akin to those deployed by certain biological organisms such as bioluminiscent algae, frogs, and tarantulas.


Yucef Merhi, a New York based Venezuelan artist, presented Facial Poetry, a playful multiuser installation where facial gestures are transformed into hundreds of poems. Merhi did not perform but his installation was in view throughout the performance and the audience was able to interact with it via a Kinect camera. 

Mark Bolotin showcased The Lumiphonic Creature Choir, a futuristic installation which consists of a giant twelve-headed multimedia creature that triggers faces talking about their vision of the future. The audience was able to interact and play directly with the voices and sounds of the 16 


Creature Choir. 

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