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Ursula Endlicher

Ursula Endlicher turns code into physical form. An Austrian-born NYC-based media artist who has worked since the mid ‘90s with the Internet, she has been translating the structural components, systems and interfaces of our technology-driven and Internetworked world into material formats. By superimposing rule sets from the Internet with processes in the material world, surprising and often humorous perspectives on the “nature” of either world are discovered and further exploited. Her work combines Internet art, installations, objects and performances; code and real-time data are determining their layout and choreographies.


Among her most well known pieces is “html_butoh”, an Internet Art work and movement database for the HTML language, commissioned by one of the first leading websites supporting Internet Art, Turbulence(dot)org.  Another Internet Art work, “Light and Dark Networks”, part of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s permanent collection, populated the museum’s website with different “data performances” driven by changes in New York City’s weather and air quality. 

In Endlicher's performative installation FAR-FLUNG’s (fx) form – Module 2, presented at Eyebeam in NY in 2017, an “intelligent” space rewarded the audience with a re-enactment of their collective data. In her most recent installation “Input Field Form #2” (2018) she transformed the artists’ application form – the HTML form that gathers user information through Input Fields – into an agricultural field growing vegetables and herbs at ChaNorth in Upstate NY during the “Process Park” residency, feeding the visitors with edible HTML.  In 2017 “Input Field Form #1” took place during agrikultura in Malmö, Sweden.

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