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Toni Dove

Toni Dove is a New York-based artist working primarily in electronic and interactive media. She is considered one of the pioneers of interactive cinema, and has shown work at ZKM, the Banff Centrefor the Arts, the Brooklyn Anchorage, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. She has been affiliated with Creative Time and Harvestworks, and a DVD version of scenes from her pieces has been distributed by Cycling '74. She is the granddaughter of American abstract painter Arthur Dove.
In 2001 Toni Dove received funding from the Daniel Langlois Foundation to produce Spectropia: A Ghost Story on the Infinite Deferral of Desire, the second part in a "trilogy of narrative, interactive installations begun in 1998". The first installment Artificial Changelings dealt with "the emergence of compulsive consumerism in the 19th century". In this second installment "Dove continues her inquiry into the subconscious at work in the capitalist society of the early 20th century".
Her work blends cinematic tropes typical of Studio-age film noir with contemporary narrative trends in science fiction, cybernetics, and new media. Her pieces are embodied as hybrid of film, installation art, and experimental theater where performers or installation participants interact with an unfolding narrative movie, often using minimally invasive interface technologies such as speech recognition and computer vision to allow users to "perform" their on-screen avatars.

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