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Hyphen Hub co-curates STRATA in Panamá City

Hyphen Hub and FACT Liverpool curate the 2018 Strata Rocas Polvo Estrellas (2018 Strata: Rock-Dust-Stars) exhibition as part of CILAC (Open Science Forum for Latin America) .The Forum, brings together a select group of scientists, artists, politicians, businessmen, and citizens to confront, and work toward achieving, the Sustainable Development Goals.

Alexandra Schjelderup, Municipal Director of Culture, summarizes the city’s role in the event: “Basically, it translates into exhibitions like ‘Strata: Rocks-Dust-Stars’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art. “Strata” is the result of an alliance between the Mayor’s Office and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) of Liverpool. This exhibition, which will be presented simultaneously in the city of York, in the United Kingdom, as part of the UNESCO-sponsored York Mediale Festival, features internationally renowned artists, such as the award-winning Isaac Julien (United Kingdom), Ryoichi Kurokawa (Japan), the New York based artistic collective Hyphen Hub, Atractor, and others, who contribute artistic reflections on the ways in which humanity has intervened on the face of the Earth through geology. The exhibition will also provide an educational platform organized by Hyphen Hub and a performance arena for regional artists, particularly artists linked to Bogotá’s District Institute of the Arts and similar entities in other cities that have joined the project, enriching CILAC with additional programming from the perspective of science, the arts, and access to them through public spaces.”

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