Kurt Hentschlager: SUB Live

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QUADr, an electroacoustic quartet based in Montreal, presents the U.S. premiere of its work /cYcle. Immersed in audio-reactive visual projections, the musicians play on modified bicycle wheels with which they create a large variety of electronic sounds, from deep impacts to bowed strings harmonies, interpreting the electroacoustic composition /cYcle, written by the ensemble. The artists take up different roles, constantly changing the stage dynamic and revealing new instruments and innovative musical interactions throughout the show. The result is a unique creation, both dark and at the forefront of technological experimentation and musical innovation.

ATRACTOR, an interdisciplinary artist studio based in Bogota, brings to the U.S. for the first time Swarm, an immersive, Biotechno, audiovisual and el...

Uruguayan-born, New York-based artist Richard Garet will have his new sound installation Quotidian presented by The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) in Miami from September 7-November 5, 2017 in an exhibition titled NO BLACK / NO WHITE (NO AND), which highlights CIFO’s 2017 Grants & Commissions Program Award recipients. Richard’s work, which investigates contemporary realities in urban structures, approaches how people deal with sound when living in a city. By placing his work within the walls of the exhibition space, he creates an interactive piece where the audience must approach the wall to hear what is going on “on the other side.” For more information, visit this link.

Portland group MSHR have recently transplanted themselves to New York. You only have a few days left to see their psychedelic projections currently in Times Square. MSHR are the featured artists in this month’s Midnight Moment—the world’s largest, longest-running digital art exhibition—running every night in August from 11:57pm-midnight. In partnership with Portland’s Upfor Gallery, Times Square Arts presents their Convolution Weave~Lattice Domain which is synchronized on electronic billboards throughout Times Square. Check out this video to learn more.

MSHR's work is also currently featured in the Past Skin exhibition at MoMA PS1 (open through September 10, 2017) and The World is Sound at the Rubin Museum (open through January 18, 2018), and will appear in the Sonic Arcade exhibition at the Museum o...

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