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Monika Weiss’ For Nirbhaya

Date: November 2019

Location: New York, USA

Monika Weiss’ For Nirbhaya was premiered as a live performance in November 2019 at Hyphen Hub, New York.  The artist composed the piece for a single channel video projection, six voices, and piano, creating an intense, minimal and emotionally immersive experience. While every live performance of For Nirbhaya has the same two-part duration, in each instance the piece is altered by the voice registers of the invited vocalists and by the artist’s piano improvisation responding to the voices of volunteer participants. Performers: Monika Weiss (piano), Destiny Bass (voice), Sean Cotton (voice), Owen Drummond (voice), Melissa Gollance (voice), Tom Macdonald (voice), Alexa Velez (movement), Filip Vizitiu (voice).

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