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Marco Castro Cosio

Marco Castro Cosio graduated from the Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) program at the Tisch School for the Arts at New York University and has worked as curator of exhibitions and art festivals in New York and Mexico. He was MediaLab director at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he helped the museum to imagine art and its audiences in innovative perspectives. It created a network of brilliant and creative professionals dedicated to the vanguard in these subjects that propose visions for the futures of the culture. . Prior to that, he worked as the first Visitor Experience Manager at the Queens Museum, where he also conducted workshops on developing interactive experiences for diverse communities. As an artist, his work nourishes urban communities in practical and playful ways, such as his project, Bus Roots, which seeks to equip the roofs of urban buses with lush gardens. Marco contributed to the series proposed by the UN, Rio +20, spoke at the TEDx conference in Cape May, New Jersey, and is a member of the Climate and Urban Systems Association (CUSP).
He was a TED speaker in Residence. He is currently a Research Fellow at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, based at the Columbia University School of Journalism and an artist in residence at NYU- POLY incubator.

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