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Maartje Dijkstra and Beorn Lebenstedt

Maartje Dijkstra (1982) is a Dutch fashion designer that is studio based in Rotterdam TheNetherlands. She studied at ARTEZ Arnhem (NL) where she graduated in Fashion Design. She did an internship at the company of Alexander McQueen in London, where her interests in couture developed. In 2008 she started her couture and technology label, where she designs innovative, sculptural and highly detailed fashion collections, jewelry pieces and sculptural designed couture, combined with integrated technologies that interact with electronic music. An important element within her work is that she merges delicate hand-executed materials and techniques with innovative technologies to maintain an individualistic style. A technique she developed is ‘manual 3D printing’, meaning using a 3D printer pen as a progressive tool to create unique fabrics. Also a signature within her label are the unique and bombastic shapes in design and sferical styling elements. To be able to create she uses the power of her own imagination, complexity in nature and loud/fast/dark electronic music as her biggest inspiration sources. When creating interactive designs she often works together with music producer Newk because he captures the perfect atmosphere in sound and has the same style and complex mindset as her when producing.


Beorn Lebenstedt aka Newk (1977) is a Dutch music producer and creative programmer studio based in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Newk puts emphasis on complexity when weaving breaks and synths into an inseparable whole, with which he strives to create an unique style. He doesn't like to be placed into a single established genre and therefor seeks flexibility in combining details from many different styles. Due to his big interest in Computers and electronic devices he saw certain possibilities come within reach, to expand expressing music beyond playing it over speakers. For the development of the interactive designs he works as a creative programmer/engineer and composes music tracks that are connected, through the music program to external aspects of presenting designs, so that those become integrated into the music as a whole.

The latest 5 interactive Couture designs they developed together are:
Braindrain (2016), Surface Distortion(2016), TranSwarm Entities (2017/18), Suspended Animation (2018) and there latest project Spectral Radiance, summer/fall 2019,

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