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Joe Diebes

Joe Diebes creates works that converge in the creative and intellectual disciplines coming together in unexpected ways.  He has been deeply engaged with a number of fields in New York City over the last fifteen years including visual art, experimental theater, new media, sound art, writing, and music, often combining elements from all of these in his performance projects and gallery installations. The ongoing focus of his work is a critical investigation into our contemporary digital culture and the effects of technological systems on our minds, bodies, and voices. 
Diebes has created sound installations, often with a substantial visual component, for art galleries, museums, and public spaces in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He also continues to create performance work that fuses sound, visual media, and the human voice into a unique form of contemporary opera. His work continues to question the relationships between technology, artmaking, and a contemporary culture under the sway of a digital worldview. He has participated and received numerous international awards including Art Elektronica in 2009 and has been part of major festivals all over the world including the " No Longer Empty" sound art section at the Liverpool Biennial 2010.  

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