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Creative Tech Week EXPO at Industry City in Brooklyn

Hyphen Hub showcased artists from our community that are working developing products that have “I.P”  intellectual property value. The artists featured were:


Gina Czarnecki – “My pods”

Designed by ground-breakingnew media artist Gina Czarnecki, MyPods are the most elegant, modern and distinguished product on the market.

Higly influenced by the arena of bio-medical science, Czarnecki has created the only "coffin" that is fullybiodegradable sustainable and strong whilst also being accepted by all crematororiums and burial grounds.

It's a brand new sape, a brand new material - a brand new way of celebrating life.

 Juan Cortes - “ Arduino glove”

Cortés has been experimenting for several years in constructing artistic instruments with old technologies, in order to use them in the creation of sounds and images. The glove has a sensor and a copper coil. When used, it transforms electromagnetic wave signals into vibration producing sounds or images. This refers to the detection system of the gray Pacific sharks in the Chocó region. Cortes' project is about  to expand the possibilities of the glove and also to be able to turn it into a detection tool that supports the processes of mine destruction in populations affected by war

Marco Donnarumma and Heidi Boisvert - "XTH Sense" 


These two artists teamed up to create the Xth Sense, XTH Sense™ - The world’s first biocreative instrument. XTH Sense is a biowearable that lets you create music, play games and experience VR using the amplified sounds and motion of your body.


Alon Ilsar - "AirSticks"


Using state of the art motion capture devices in the form of the Razer Hydra Gaming

Controllers, the AirSticks track the user’s movement to allow them to trigger and

manipulate sounds and visuals by slashing and striking through the air.

Like electronic pads and other percussive gestural instruments, the AirSticks

allow the control of the timing and velocity of sound. But they also allow the control of

the attack, sustain, release and morphing of sound through the one gesture. In this

way the AirSticks are more like a keyboard synthesiser, or a percussive 3D


But it’s the AirSticks’ relationship with Ableton Live that really separates it

from its competition. Ableton’s Push has already revolutionized the way we interact

with music software. The AirSticks bring this a step further, embodying our

interaction with the computer for the composition, performance and improvisation of

electronic music, allowing us excess to all the possibilities of Ableton Live through

intuitive body movements.

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