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Ellen Pearlman

Ellen Pearlman, a New York based artist and writer, is a doctoral student in the School of Creative Media at Hong Kong City University. She co-founded the first Summer Institute in Telematic Art, woking closely with Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Videotage in Hong Kong to create an internationally linked global interactive telematic performance. She has also lectured at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia  as part of Cyberfest, the largest festival of new media in Eastern Europe. She has published in and been a reviewer for Leonardo Magazine.
Pearlman is Director and Curator of the New York 3D Volumetric Society, and Artistic Adviser to the Yuanfen Gallery, the very first gallery of new media in Beijing, China. The Gallery is part of the Yuanfen Flow (TM), the first independent, privately owned new media research institute in China. She was on the Art Panel Review Board for SIGGRAPH ASIA in Yokohama, Japan, a panel judge for ISEA New Mexico and presented her work at ISEA Istanbul and ISEA New Mexico. She was also 2011 FUSE Digital Artist in Residence at Videotage in Hong Kong. She has lectured on New Media at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), and the Communications and Animation University in Beijing, the Songzhuang Art Center, and universities in Wuhan and Tianjin, China.
Pearlman participated in the first Beijing International Conference on Art Theory and Criticism at CAFA, the first Conference on Interactive Design, and the first conference on New Media Research, both at Tsinghua University. Invited by the Open Academy project supported by the Prince Claus Fund of the Netherlands, she went to Ulan Bator, Mongolia to work on presentation and curatorial practices with the Blue Sun arts group and lectured at the Mongolian Fine Arts Academy. She received an Asian Cultural Council Grant and a Canadian Banff Mountain Culture Grant to film sacred monastic dance in nomadic Tibet. She has also been both a Banff Non Fiction and Digital Media Research Residency Fellow.

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