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Hyphen Hub Salon Erwin

Redl & Stephen Auger

Date: July 2nd, 2014

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: The Red Door, 140 West 24th Street New York, NY 10011

For this Hyphen Hub Salon we presented two leading artists working in the field of Light and Neurobiology. Erwin Redl and Stephen Auger work with the multisensory experience of light as a medium, exploring it from differing perspectives along the pathway of seeing - from the emitting source to retinal stimulation to cognitive centers in the brain.


Erwin Redl investigates the process of “reverse engineering” virtual reality and 3D computer models back into architectural environments by means of large scale light installations. For this Salon, Erwin installed at The Red Door, his mesmerizing work "Twists and Turns" (2014), a large-scale light installation using suspended clear glass plates to reflect animated blue and red lasers. The installation remained on display at The Red Door for two years until The Red Door closed its doors in order to be demolished to give way to a new construction.  For this particular event, the artist activated his installation of lights and the audience remained in silence, surrounded by the ultra-sensorial spectacle.


Stephen Auger explores boundaries between sight and other senses, challenging  viewers to consider “sensing” as a distinct and conscious form of perception. For the Salon, Auger gave a talk  about qualities of light as they pertain to perception and art, then led a  lively discussion with the audience.


The night was guest-curated and moderated by Dr Koan Jeff Baysa, a curator and scientist working in the field of neuroscience.

More about the Artists

Erwin Redl:

Stephen Auger:

Note: Hyphen Hub’s original home, The Red Door on W. 24th Street in Manhattan, (sadly) closed its doors permanently in 2015. For more information about the space, the owner Giorgio Gomelsky, and to see a video of the venue before it closed, visit our News page.

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