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SALON at Pratt Institute

Carla Gannis &

Igor Molochevski

Date: February 19, 2016

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Pratt Institute, 144 W 14th St, New York.

For our next Hyphen Hub Salon, we took our guests to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for our inaugural collaboration with the Department of Digital Arts. We explored some of Pratt's most inventive and wildest artists from amongst their community.


Blake Carrington works in the spheres of visual, sound and performance. In our Salon, Carrington performed “Cathedral Scan” where he treats the architectural plans of Gothic cathedrals as open-ended music scores, creating unique fractal rhythms and musical possibilities from each structure. Visually the scans revealed the plans with each pass, tying sound and image together with the architectural rendering.


Carla Gannis is an inter-disciplinarian artist and Pratt Digital Arts, professor. Gannis performed “Babel in Wonderland” a work that examines collisions in selfie culture and internet vernacular with classical narrative and art historical tropes. Accompanying Gannis were the artists Christopher Rutledge and Christopher Knowllmeyer, playing a sound work composed specifically for the event.


Igor Molochevski is a dynamic Brooklyn-based artist. He porjected the towering work "In Transition" in the faculty's atrium. "In Transition" is both a metaphorical map and a visual representation of Molochevski's memory, staring at an alien landscape that seems to speed up around him.


The night was rounded out with live music by RAFiA whose work was a soulful industrial pop fusion of synths and vocal harmonies incorporating diaristic themes of love, loneliness, ego, and racial oppression. Fated to be of small stature, she was given a loud voice and large presence to make sure she'd never be overlooked!


* This salon meant to our hub the beginning of an exciting new partnership with the Digital School of Arts at Pratt and part of our community outreach program.


More about the artists:

Carla Gannis

Igor Molochevski


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