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SALON: Input Fields

Ursula Endlicher

Date: October  2018

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Hyphen Hub




Projects in the edible HTML series are procedural narratives of the technological systems that we live in. They are conceived by superimposing concepts and structures of different networked systems – technological and natural – and by revealing functional, visual or morphological analogies between them. These rare connection points in systems (in systems that would otherwise never "meet") is what builds the starting point for edibleHTML.

In works such as INPUT FIELD FORM #1 and INPUT FIELD FORM #2 two systems, the <input fields>of an HTML sign-up form and the input fields of an agricultural/polycultural field are building this connection point. The logic and hidden structures of the Internet – such as the Web's Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) – is layered above the "natural logic" of networked communication structures between plants as well as horticultural companion planting; taking the rules and needs of each system into consideration, is were edible HTML takes place – and can grow.

About the artist

Her works explore the usually hidden functionalities of technology, making aspects such as real-time data collection, as in weather or environmental data, or user classification of our personal information throughout networked and AI systems. 
By translating the logical and metaphorical components of our (Inter-) networked digital world – e.g. interfaces or languages such as HTML –into physical, material, even edible format, and by twisting their original intention with humor and absurdity, the controlling aspects of networked structures become powerless, nullified really, and a shell rather that can be used for reflection, play, and re-evaluation.





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